Exit Programs

A genuine exit solution

Exit Programs

Exit Programs – ARC’s leadership has extensive experience in dealing with the exit issue and has found that by offering a genuine transfer of liability they have been able to create significant sales volumes AND happy customers.


By creating a system that provides the customer with a dignified exit solution not only enhances the reputation of a resort or company but also gives potential customers a sense of security when contemplating the purchase of a vacation product.

There are a number of options which can be explored but the key to the exit issue is to provide the customer with a product that allows them to relinquish liability whilst still retaining a membership which entitles them to continued enjoyment of the resort they love.


This facility to relinquish liability, combined with client engagement, communication and a product that represents real value for money is the only sure way to create and keep a happy customer.



The Exit Solution Includes:

  • Adequate distribution via rental platform to cover service fee liabilities
  • Relationships with the larger resale companies to dispose of stock taken in
  • Appropriate fees charged for genuine transfer of liability
  • Customers can access discounted rentals and remain RCI members