The ARC Vacation Club

Listening And Evolving

The ARC Vacation Club

By introducing a new, exciting and flexible vacation club, which provides a “fit for purpose” product, ARC has been able to re-enthuse and re-engage owners who have moved away from using traditional exchange companies.


This product is also designed to attract a new generation of members with benefits, technology and travel offerings designed not just to appeal to Baby Boomers but also the Generation X and the future of all resorts – The Millennials.


The ARC Vacation Club benefits from many years of listening to what customers really want from their vacation product, and it combines these requirements with the very best aspects to come out of the industry during the last 30 years.


This combination ensures that ARC delivers an experience that not only excites the client and reignites a passion for timeshare exchange travel but also embodies simplicity, flexibility and service.

ARC Vacation Club Benefits Include:

  • New, exciting and flexible product providing a “fit for purpose” experience
  • White label club powered by RCI and serviced by dedicated team in Indianapolis
  • Incorporating the latest and best travel offerings to service the widest demographic
  • Various lengths of ownership to appeal to all age groups
  • Dynamic online presence which functions on all contemporary technology platforms