Timeshare Health Checks

Analysis, advice and client satisfaction

Timeshare Health Checks

Resort Health Check

This procedure offers HOAs the opportunity to utilize the experience and expertise of some of the industry’s most successful operators and ensures a comprehensive overview of the resort’s financial and operational health.

After a vigorous analysis of the resort, the Management Company will provide a Resort Guidance Document (RGD) which lists a series of recommendations to ensure the future longevity and financial health of the resort whilst still maintaining its individual character and essence.


Owner Health Check


ARC has designed a digital Timeshare Health Check which allows clients to enter the details of their ownership – service fees, usage levels etc – before an analysis is carried out to determine whether the product is working for them or if there is room for improvement.

This marketing program has been designed to drive traffic to the resorts on inspection visits and consequently to ensure a flow of clients to the Sales Centres.

Customers are able to complete the health check in private and as part of the process contact the team of Health Check Advisors to arrange a visit to an ARC Health Centre where an advisor can give them advice on their ownership.


In addition to the online aspect of this marketing strategy, ARC resorts are able to carry out timeshare health checks with their owners whilst they are onsite allowing them to offer a new range of products to suit their changing needs.


Aspects of this Strategy Include:

  • Contacting timeshare owners via marketing and email campaigns encouraging them to complete the online health check
  • A social media bubble around this topic to drive traffic to the health check website
  • A mobile app to enable timeshare owners to complete the health check on their phones and tablets