Rental Revenue Management

Significant rental income

Rental Revenue Management

Rental Revenue – ARC currently has a multi location rental web portal in development. All unsold or repossessed space can be loaded into this website and then integrated with the global distribution system. ARC has strong in-house expertise in this field.


This experience enables ARC to add significant value to the independent resort under its management.  By utilising its marketing expertise and web technology ARC can help HOAs maintain their resort’s integrity as well as realise significant rental incomes.

Once owners see a professional solution in place for their rental needs they will no longer be encouraged to “do their own thing” in trying to rent their weeks – a situation which often results in weeks being offered on websites such as Owners Direct for below the service fee and consequently creating a downward spiral of decline.


However, this situation can be reversed with professional intervention ensuring a healthy future for the resort.

Rental Revenue Management Includes:

  • Web based rental portal for displaying unsold or unused inventory
  • Highly experienced ARC rental management team
  • Revenue share to create significant incremental revenue for HOAs