Global Distribution

Commercialize unused space

Global Distribution Channels

Global Distribution – ARC’s Management Company has in place a team of highly skilled revenue management specialists whose focus is to commercialise the unused or unwanted space that is under ARC’s management.


By utilising the latest technology and distribution channels, ARC not only connects with the Baby Boomer generation but also with the complete demographic spectrum.

ARC’s long established distribution network also crosses geographic boundaries with a global reach to ensure that international markets which have a demand for stateside resorts are supplied through a full range of marketing channels.


Giving resorts the ability to easily rent unused inventory in turn ensures members have ongoing flexibility with their service fees allowing them peace of mind for any lifestyle changes in the future.

These Distribution Channels Include:

  • A centralised web rental portal (WRP) which engages with channels of global demand for rental space
  • A substantial and intelligent web presence is in development. This platform can be used to rent space throughout the USA
  • Wholesale deals to the global tour operator market via a centralised point of contact. This enables the independent resort to have a global reach to fill space