Opportunities With ARC

ARC is always on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join its team of high achievers.


The company offers the right people an incredible opportunity to excel at the highest levels and to grow and develop as individual members of the team who make ARC the most exciting vacation and leisure brand in existence.


As an ARC employee you will have access to some of the best training available anywhere in the vacation and leisure industry. You will benefit from ongoing coaching and support from a management team who are recognized as leaders in their field.


ARC understands the importance of staff morale and has created a life/work balance which enables team members to enjoy a lifestyle where they work to live rather than live to work. Add to all this the great financial rewards and it’s easy to see why ARC is the first choice for anyone looking for a career in the vacation and leisure industry.

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ARC is able to maintain such a loyal and motivated workforce because of its dedication to nurturing and investing in people as individuals and not just as members of a wider team.


Every employee is given first rate training and support that is relevant to their role. This training is ongoing throughout their career and will often involve attending seminars and courses to ensure that their skills are current and appropriate.


ARC wants its team to feel that their position with the company is more than just a job but rather a stable and structured career which, regardless of department or position, provides financial security.


Through a culture of ongoing training, mentoring and life coaching, every employee – from house keeper to member of the board – is given the opportunity to excel and to be the very best they can be.


ARC Sales Centres utilize design, technology and comfort to create bright, dynamic environments which are conducive to showcasing the company’s wide range of vacation and leisure products.


Customer comfort is paramount and every effort is made to ensure the decor and furnishings combine to create an exciting yet relaxing atmosphere where clients feel at ease to choose the ARC product that best suits their requirements.


At the heart of an ARC sales center is an award winning digital sales presentation with touch screen technology that encourages customer interaction and enables them to explore the product range in a way that is fun and engaging. The presentation is regularly updated to reflect ARC’s innovative and constantly evolving product range.


This technology is supported by one of the largest IT operations in the industry which also services the contracts, compliance and administration departments as well as the portfolio of ARC resorts and the wider business in general.


The highly motivated and dynamic ARC sales team is at the heart of the company’s success and continues to break records, exceed targets and set standards that are the envy of the industry.


This success is not only due to the team’s essential talent but is also down to the expert mentoring, training and guidance provided by the sales managers who are at the core of the operation.


Every new member of the sales or telemarketing team is given an initial training program which is designed to introduce them to the exciting range of ARC vacation and leisure products and to introduce them to the sales and service skills that they will need in order to provide ARC customers with the very best advice possible.


As part of this program new employees gain practical job experience by shadowing experienced members of the team and once the course is completed are allocated a team leader who will take care of continued training and mentorship.